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mind Job Card

Mind Job card is a industrial digital job card .It digitize job card for machine operators. It provides options to the planning team to assign jobs with work instructions to operator & manufacturing product details and track the machine wise productivity goals. Connected system captures model wise part count and cycle time of each part operations for Target Vs. Actual production analysis.

How a Job Card software can help Your manufacturing company

Access multiple functionalities—email, phone, reports, activity tracking, automations, and view of every operator.

Information in the Job Card can be accessed by Admin and supporting teams to plan our work. You can also easily collaborate with anyone in your company over a digital job card.

Create and track the right operation metrics to know the Operator & line supervisor team’s performance, the revenue obtained from each region, the deals likely to close next month, etc. to address bottlenecks and resource allocation


Integrate with other systems.

Easy integration with connected systems to capture the real time production data and calculate the performance. Also, it can be integrated to other enterprise applications.

All in One

Assigning jobs, scheduling, quality inspection etc. is also an integral part of the Digital Job card app. Based on the scheduling, daily work will be automatically allocated.

No more paper-based monitoring.

Complete digital solution to assign jobs to all the operators in the machine shop. This app can easily be integrated with the attendance system and based on daily attendance the jobs can be allocated to the operator/machine.

real time communicating.

Display real time worksheets, next job in queue, quality alerts to operators during the operations.