Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy statement is made by the MindPLM Group consisting of all the entities.

MindPLM’s Privacy Commitment

MindPLM has worried about customer and user privacy for almost 2 years, long before it became fashionable, politically correct, or legally binding to take such a position. We ask for only the least amount of information necessary, gathering only what we believe is essential for doing business, or for the specific transaction at hand. We let customers know the information we have on them and allow them to opt out of specific engagements. But, by far, our biggest commitment is that we do not make a single dollar from advertising revenue—never have, never will—even from the free editions of our products. This means we avoid the fundamental conflict of interest between gathering customer information and fueling advertising revenue, and the unavoidable compromises in customer privacy that it brings.

The goal of this policy is to make explicit the information we gather, how we will use it, and how we will not. This policy is unfortunately longer than we would like, but we must unambiguously address all the relevant cases. We will try and keep the language simple and direct as much as possible.

Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all MindPLM websites that link to it. It also applies to the products and services provided by MindPLM through these websites, our mobile applications, and applications posted by MindPLM on MindPLM’s online marketplace and in other third-party online marketplaces. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any of our websites, products or services that have a separate privacy policy.

This Privacy Policy is divided into three parts:

Part I – Information MindPLM collects and controls

This part deals with how MindPLM collects and uses information about website visitors, potential customers, users of MindPLM’s products and services, and others who contact MindPLM through forms or email addresses published on or linked to our websites.

Part II – Information that MindPLM processes on your behalf

This part deals with how MindPLM handles data that you entrust to MindPLM when you use our products and services, or when you share any personal or confidential information with us while requesting customer support.

Part III – General

This part deals with topics that are relevant to both Parts I and II, and other general topics such as MindPLM’s security commitments and how we will inform you when we change this Privacy Policy.